Working Remotely – Good for Your Business …or Not?

Working remotely, or telecommuting as it was called earlier this century, can have a lot of benefits for employers and employees. Thanks to Cloud-based services, workers can be literally anywhere, with full access to their data and they can still collaborate with their team and work productively.

Working from home, employees can save on time, travel expenses and stress. They can wear what they like and they can live in more places. In addition, their employers may agree to subsidise internet costs or home computing equipment.

With remote workers, employers can gain economies of space and office infrastructure. Teams working from home or from remote sites can easily collaborate across distance and time zones.

Even society can benefit, by reducing traffic and the need for public transport. So urban infrastructure requirements and emissions pollution decrease.

But what are the downsides? Increased distractions? Disconnection from the organisation’s culture? Isolation? What are the implications for cyber security working remotely?

As this article from HP Enterprise concludes, a mix is likely the best solution for most organisations and their employees when thinking about working remotely. Whatever is most appropriate for your business, Baw Baw IT can help you put systems in place for secure, productive remote workers. Contact us if you’d like to know more.

Good news: Remote work is more accepted. Bad news: You might not want it.

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