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If defence in depth cyber security sounds expensive… it isn’t! In fact, it’s far less than the potential cost of a cyber breach. Baw Baw IT implements baseline standards defined by the Australian Cyber Security Centre, known as the Essential 8. The measures defined by the Essential 8 block most cyber threats.

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We can implement fully managed IT services, including Essential 8 compliance measures across your system in as little as 24 hours. No fuss and no downtime. Essential 8 Maturity Level 1 compliance is included at no additional cost in our Premium and Ultimate managed service Care Plans.

month-to-month or ongoing


Starting @
$ 99 / User / Month
  • Daily device health, security & management
  • Microsoft 365 Business management
  • Enterprise-grade endpoint security (EDR)
  • Automated Maintenance
  • Monthly health report


Starting @
$ 149 / User / Month
  • All of our Standard IT Service Package +
  • Office 365 back-up protection
  • Integrated cloud application security (XDR)
  • Monthly security report
  • On demand help desk


Starting @
$ 249 / User / Month
  • All of our Premium IT Service Package +
  • Office 365 infinite cloud retention
  • Maximum security: 24/7 SOC
  • Yearly security assessment & training
  • Monthly review meeting

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We focus on security because experience shows that a cyber-attack or other cyber security incident is the event most likely to cause extended downtime. Costs can be staggering, not just from lost productivity, but will likely include lost business opportunities, customer dissatisfaction, damaged staff morale, reputational damage and even litigation or statutory penalties.  

We implement a multi-layered cyber security strategy, called defence in depth. Once measures have been implemented your security will be substantially improved. But it’s not a static thing. Windows and application patches must be installed and monitored constantly, and your network needs to be monitored constantly for suspicious activity. Will you know if large amounts of data are suddenly being transferred out of your system, if your endpoint antivirus is malfunctioning, or if a user is ‘doing the wrong thing’? We monitor your system 24/7 to catch suspicious activities and keep it clean and healthy.

Unfortunately, it’s not possible to guarantee cyber security. Cyber security is a game of constant one-upmanship. There are no complete or perfect solutions, and no system can be 100% secure. However, through the application of recognised cyber security frameworks, best practice, and constant vigilance we can optimise your organisation’s security to massively limit the likelihood of a successful cyber-attack.

Cyber insurance is now a recommended part of a complete cyber risk strategy. No system can be 100% secure and a cyber-breach can be devastating. To purchase cyber insurance, you will need to demonstrate a robust cyber security posture to the insurer, usually by signing a checklist, which you need to work through with your IT service provider. If you have to make a claim and those measures haven’t actually been implemented or it’s found that you haven’t exercised due care, the insurer may refuse to pay out.



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