What is EaaS (Everything as a Service)?

EaaS – Everything as a Service – well what’s that mean?

The IT industry has for a long time used acronyms ending in aaS. Some of the better-known ones are SaaS for ‘Software as a Service’, HaaS for ‘Hardware as a Service’ and IaaS for ‘Infrastructure as a Service’.

Some say that EaaS stands for Enterprise as a Service, but we prefer Everything as a Service because it most accurately describes our offering to clients.

Whether your business needs a high-grade Internet connection, a robust backup and business continuity solution or a multi-function printer, Baw Baw IT can provide it as a service. Our EaaS model of IT management and support has the following advantages:

  • A single monthly invoice for all your IT-related expenses
  • No capital outlay (cap-ex) for high-cost IT resources
  • No asset management, depreciation concerns or related bookkeeping costs
  • All IT-related expenditure is operating expenditure (op-ex) so immediately tax-deductible
  • No warranty concerns; all infrastructure is covered for the life of your contract
  • No sudden maintenance costs; management and maintenance are included
  • IT budget can be accurately forecast and planned ahead with no hidden surprises
  • No lost productivity due to breakdowns; no more old or unreliable equipment
  • Less management time lost managing IT systems and more time to concentrate on your core business

Other benefits of Baw Baw IT EaaS managed services include:

  • Local support: call 1300 016 673 number to speak with someone local
  • Local service: our technicians are based in Warragul and Drouin and can respond quickly
  • We take the time to understand your business’ unique problems and issues and provide targeted solutions
  • We speak your language; we won’t load you up with techno-babble; we present our solutions in plain English
  • Infrastructure and services are monitored daily for issues and where possible maintained after-hours, optimising business continuity
  • We focus on improving productivity; with many years’ experience in small business IT, we understand your bottom line
  • Our primary objective is creating value to improve your bottom line and help you build a successful business

We can make it easy to manage and grow your business by bundling all your IT requirements into a single managed service and monthly invoice.

Baw Baw IT EaaS  – Makes IT EaaSy!

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EaaS - Everything as a Service

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