WFH Security?

We’re talking about work from home, aka WFH, cybersecurity. A study* analysed 186 small office/home office Wi-Fi routers from 14 different vendors. As a result of the study, 155 or 83% of the firmware in the routers sampled had vulnerabilities to potential cyberattacks. Each router had an average of 172 vulnerabilities. Home network security is a serious issue.

As you and your colleagues increasingly work from home, the risk of a WFH cybersecurity breach increases exponentially. For instance, you are no longer protected by the office firewall. In addition, maybe you’re even using your personal computers for work-related activities.

The security of your business may rely on domestic, consumer-grade systems, like cheap routers and free antivirus. As a result, a cyber security breach of your home network could mean lost or stolen data, lost productivity, reputation damage, legal issues, high costs and all the resulting stress.

The proliferation of devices on home networks continues to increase in number and diversity. Therefore your home network security might not be up to scratch. Are your devices secure? Do they share the network with your business computer? If so, any compromise of those devices by malware or hackers could mean a compromise to your business system.

How’s your cyber security working from home? Reach out to Baw Baw IT to find out about our simple, per user, monthly, managed services plans. Above all, your workers will have everything they need to be secure and productive, whether working from home, or in the office.


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