What’s so scary about Cyber Security?

What’s so scary about cyber security? OK, so you’ve heard… your business could be devastated by a single successful cyber attack. You probably know how to recognise a phishing email, because you’ve seen so many of them. You know that accidentally clicking on a malicious link or opening a malicious attachment could render your computer systems useless, stop your workers in their tracks, embarrass you in front of your customers, cost a lot of money.

Cyber security isn’t scary

In fact, cyber security isn’t scary at all. With a well-developed and well-implemented strategy, your systems can be 99.9% secure. Our managed IT services focus on cyber security. Of course our main aim is to keep your business pumping and you happy, but nothing can ruin that plan more than a cyber breach. And in terms of Business Continuity, very few events can have the same level of impact.

Using best of breed tools and techniques, we manage your security and your data wherever it is: on local hard drives, in transit or in the cloud. We pro-actively manage and monitor your systems 24/7, watching for any unusual events. We’re qualified, with university and vendor certifications and, managing small business IT systems since 2002, we’re experienced.


We can help you with compliance. We can implement the Australian government’s Essential 8 baseline security measures within hours of onboarding your computers. If your organisation is one of the expanded categories that are classified as critical infrastructure because you provide services to essential services or government, we can help with that too.

We’re also specialists in integrated, cloud-based video management systems (VMS) for small businesses. Video data is stored in a secure cloud. Output can be easily viewed anywhere on computer or phone. It’s the smoothest VMS we’ve seen, reliable, scalable, can be ‘retro-fitted’ to keep existing cameras. We leverage the advantages of convergence to bring cyber security and physical security management together.

Don’t let your cyber security get scary. Reach out to us today for a no-obligation chat about your security requirements.

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What's so scary about Cyber Security?

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