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As a small business owner, where do you go when purchasing computers, laptops, printers and all those other items of hardware and software you need to keep your systems operating efficiently and productively?

For convenience, many business owners default to purchasing from retail stores but there are major disadvantages to this, like consumer-grade quality, short product lifecycles, minimal pre and post-sales support and inflated pricing for consumables and peripherals.

Another option is buying from online retailers and the pricing often looks good. But what if things don’t turn out? Can you trust them to stand behind their products? What if you order the wrong item? Where will you get support if setup is more complicated than you expected? And what about ongoing support? That’s certainly not an option.

BBiT Shop

The solution to your corporate purchasing requirements is BBiT Shop.

  • BBiT Shop has around half a million items available, from more than 500 brands.
  • We have partnered with all the major technology distributors in Australia, accessing the widest range of products at the best prices.
  • Delivery is free for orders over $300. We ship throughout Australia.
  • BBiT Shop and Baw Baw IT are part of the BB IT Group. We have service partners throughout Australia and can arrange onsite support in most locations.
  • Baw Baw IT are Managed Service Providers. Business customers can purchase or finance many items as part of a managed service plan, with monthly payments spread over 3 years or more.
  • You can search for items using our menu navigation, keyword search or search by brand name. You can also use any of our special search tools to find print consumables, computer memory, projector lamps and more.
  • Special offer for first time buyers – 10% off orders over $300. See link below for details.

Easy 5-step Purchasing

BB IT Corporate Provisioning is easy and convenient. Check out our easy 5 step process to get started.


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Free delivery when purchasing over $300

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