How to Outsource IT Support in Melbourne

Whether your business is in Melbourne or Regional Victoria, it’s really easy to outsource your IT support to Baw Baw IT.

  1. Quick chat to ensure that we’re a good fit
  2. Site visit to find out your specific needs
  3. Proposal and Care Plan
  4. Relax

We take the stress out of managing your IT. When you outsource IT support to Baw Baw IT, there’s no more time wasted trying to fix issues yourself. No more downtime. Just smooth running systems and support when you need it.

Our Constant Maintenance Regime provides your systems with the preventative maintenance needed for reliability and to maintain your productivity. We have standardised, automated and integrated best-of-breed management tools. We perform regular maintenance tasks weekly, out-of-hours and monitor your systems 24/7 for emerging issues.

Outsource your IT support to Baw Baw IT and your cybersecurity posture will also improve. Our focus on cybersecurity and our monthly reports give you the confidence you need when dealing with customer questions about compliance and supply chain risk. We aim to bring your systems up a baseline level of the ASD Essential 8 within 24 hours of onboarding.

But don’t worry. When you outsource your IT support to us, we don’t just set and forget! When you need us, we’ll be there. Current customers describe Baw Baw IT as “Extremely reliable and accessible”.

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