IT Support and Services in Regional Victoria

Baw Baw IT are experts in serving Regional Victoria. We strive to provide businesses with the best IT support and services in Regional Victoria. We’ll get to anywhere in the state within a couple of hours. But even better, you’ll hardly ever see us.

We can ship a variety of new managed services devices, such as computers, backup or surveillance systems direct to your site. Following 5-step instructions, simply plug in and power up. We use advanced remote management and monitoring tools and a constant maintenance regime. As a result, downtime is virtually eliminated.

When a new device appears on your business network, we leverage the power of our managed service provider remote toolset to onboard and configure the new device. If it’s a PC or notebook, we run around 30 automated setup tasks, to configure the computer according to best practice and according to the company’s requirements.

The main driver focussing our managed services is cybersecurity. Consequently, the onboarding process immediately brings the device into compliance with the Australian Government’s Essential 8 baseline security measures. This approach reduces the risk of lost productivity, data or reputation that can follow a cyber breach. It gives your customers greater confidence in your organisation.

We manage and monitor your systems 24/7, performing updates and other maintenance tasks out of hours to avoid interruptions to productivity and to optimise performance. If you’re looking for the best MSP for IT Support and Services in Regional Victoria, call us.

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IT Support and Services Regional Victoria

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