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Every business needs a range of IT services and support. What many people don’t realise is that your computer also needs monitoring and maintenance to ensure your business stays ahead of potential problems. To address this Baw Baw IT has created a unique bundle of products and managed IT services to help micro businesses maintain optimal productivity and business continuity.

Addressing the high cost of downtime or lost data

The costs of data loss or system downtime include not just the cost of losing valuable business data, documents, client records, etc., but also the cost of workers being idle, lost productivity and lost opportunities. Data loss and downtime can also have less tangible, but potentially more costly effects, such as worker frustration and poor moral, loss of reputation with customers and other business stakeholders and even legal ramifications when customer data is lost or stolen.

The right IT services - optimal productivity and business continuityEquipment needs maintenance

Like any piece of machinery, computers need to be monitored and serviced at regular intervals. IT services should include monitoring of health conditions like hardware events, drivespace and general performance, as well as management of software updates and patches, which are essential to maintain security and reliability.

Users need the right tools

Each computer (and each user) needs a suite of productivity tools. For many years this has meant Microsoft Office, but users now also need cloud-based email and applications, web-based data storage and the ability to work, communicate and collaborate from any location.

Security is mission-critical

Each computer also needs what the industry calls end-point protection. In common terms this means anti-virus, however these days an effective product performs a range of jobs, not just malware and spyware detection. It leverages advanced functionality to protect against ransomware, phishing attacks and data theft.

Putting your mail and data in the cloud means there’s another location which must be protected from malware, phishing attacks and data loss. IT services need to add an additional layer to our security solution to protect that data.

When disaster strikes, businesses fail

Everyone quickly learns the value of backup when they lose the document they’ve been working on for days or all the family photos disappear into the ether. In the business context, the cost of data loss or system downtime can go far beyond the personal. Business owners want the confidence that their data and system are being backed up constantly and that the backups can be accessed and restored reliably. They need the ability to restore individual files or the complete system to a point in time before an incident occurred. They need to ask themselves, how long can we afford to be offline? How long will it take to get back up and running? They need to think about backup frequency and ask, can we afford to lose the last hour’s work, the last day’s work?

Of course, disasters don’t just happen to computers. They can affect entire worksites. The local computer network, including onsite backups, can be compromised by malware, fire, flood and so on. In the event of a natural disaster, the site may be inaccessible for days or even weeks. If business data and systems cannot be recovered, the business will fail. Daily backups must be copied offsite automatically and stored securely.

The right IT services - confidence to focus on productivityThe confidence to focus on productivity

All these considerations are increasingly relevant to small businesses. Even a micro business, with just 1 computer, must have the IT services to ensure ongoing productivity and business continuity. Business owners want to focus on their core income-generating activities, without needing to worry about the health of their computer system. That’s why Baw Baw IT has developed this unique and very cost-effective package for businesses with 1 to 3 computers.

Micro Businesses Often Neglected

Most Managed Service Providers aren’t interested in providing services to micro businesses. Baw Baw IT empowers micro businesses, like tradespeople and SOHO’s, to leverage the same systems used by much bigger businesses.

BBiT IT Service 6-Pack

The BBiT IT Service 6-Pack includes 6 essential components, each a complete feature-set in itself. The 6-Pack gives micro-business owners, like tradies and SOHO’s, the confidence to get on with work, knowing that their computer system is monitored by experienced, highly-skilled professionals, 24/7.

  1.  BBiT Constant Maintenance Regime
  2.  Productivity Pack (Microsoft 365 Business Standard)
  3.  Business-Grade Endpoint Protection
  4.  Advanced Cloud Security
  5.  Local Backup
  6.  Cloud Backup

The entire package is available now at the low price of just $100 per month for 1 computer and 1 user.

For full package details and to get started today, Contact Baw Baw IT.

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