What Are Standardised Solutions?

Baw Baw IT offers clients a standardised Solutions set in IT. What does this mean and how will it help your business?

At Baw Baw IT we have standardised our solutions across hardware, software and services so that we can focus on offering you the best possible technology solutions and services to fit your business requirements.

We choose industry partners which have proven themselves to be leaders in their area of expertise, both technically and in their understanding of business’ needs.

For example, we chose Kyocera as our print partner based on many years of experience supplying and supporting printers from many different manufacturers. Kyocera has consistently proven itself time-and-again for highest print quality, economical duty cycles and consumable costs, a wide range of devices with excellent build quality, management software, advanced document management solutions, and so on.

Benefits of offering a standardised solutions set

  • We focus our training and technical expertise on best-of-breed products so that we become expert in deploying and managing those products and getting you the best possible return on your investment. Non-standardisation means having to be a ‘jack-of-all-trades’ and doesn’t allow service providers to develop a deep understanding of a specific product or service.
  • Standardisation on specific vendors means that we can fully leverage vendor partner programs for training and support, optimise sales volume and give you the best pricing.
  • A standardised set of technology solutions makes it easier to monitor and manage systems and to automate maintenance, increasing responsiveness, improving uptime, optimising productivity and lowering costs.
  • Standardisation helps to improve security. It is far easier to keep abreast of the evolving security landscape and ensure that all steps are taken to secure platforms if those platforms are part of a limited set.
  • Standardisation on specific platforms enables us to keep backup stock of items like workstations, printers and consumables further protecting your business against lost productivity and optimising business continuity.

Standardisation is an essential component of Baw Baw IT Managed Services and EaaS.

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