Business Continuity Disaster Recovery

A robust Business Continuity Disaster Recovery solution is vital to the survival of the modern business.

The issues:

What happens in your business when key computers go offline?
Will your employees stop working?
Will you be unable to serve your customers?
Would you be forced to stop taking and placing orders?
Will your business stop?
If the answer to any of these questions is YES, what will be the cost of this downtime?

How long can you afford to be ‘down’? …one day, hours, minutes, or not at all?
What if recovery were to take days?
What is your plan to restore your systems and data after a disaster?

Do you check your backups? Do you know if backup jobs are running successfully?
Will you lose data? If the system crashes at 5PM can you cope with losing that day’s data?
How long will it take to restore the system and data?

Many small businesses still rely on daily rotation of USB backup drives. A key staff member is tasked with changing the backup drive daily and transporting it offsite. Once upon a time this was enough, but there are just too many shortfalls to this strategy.

Evey business needs Business Continuity Disaster Recovery

The solution:

The solution to all these problems is Datto Business Continuity Disaster Recovery.

Key features of Datto Business Continuity Disaster Recovery (BCDR) are:
  • Incremental backups through the day, as often as every 5 minutes.
  • Backups are uploaded nightly to dedicated data centre.
  • Single file recovery or complete system restore.
  • Ability to instantly boot from backup to temporarily replace a failed computer.
  • Fully-automated and advanced backup testing.
  • Backups tested daily by automatically mounting as virtual machine and booting to logon.
  • Dedicated backup device on premises, requires no user intervention.
  • Every backup is scanned for ramsomware.
  • One device can backup a single computer or many computers.
  • No hardware purchase. All costs are operating expenditure.
  • Low once-off setup fee plus monthly managed service starting at $99 per month.

Act now, before it’s too late

Checkout the Recovery Time and Downtime Cost Calculator and see how much downtime your business can take.

Contact Baw Baw IT today to discuss your Datto Business Continuity Disaster Recovery requirements.

For every business that signs up for a Datto Business Continuity Disaster Recovery plan, we give a family of 5 access to clean water.

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